Monday, 8 March 2010

Briefing for Animation And From Pencils to Pixels

Following Phil's lecture today i'm feeling very confident and with a new lease of life. Even though there is a lot of work in the weeks ahead, my mind is clear and i know i can keep improving.

From Pencils To Pixels

I found this documentary very insightful, not only because it gave me many names to think about doing my essay on, but also it helped for my animation timeline..

Something that really fascinates me is when you here from the original animators at that worked at Disney. Even though they are old, their stories and experiences are magical and their information is priceless. Another thing i picked up from the documentary was the interview with John Lasseter.. His views and ideas have revolutionized the animation world, and it was his comments that made me realize that just flying by will never help me improve..

'You get nothing for free'.

The film 'The sinking of Lusitania' is truly amazing, it is so powerful for an animation and the feeling you get when watching it very strange. I had never heard about the story before today, but i had to see the story.

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