Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Lecture 2 - Lotte Reiniger, Norman Mclaren and Walt Disney

Todays lecture was really helpful due to the little qualities each short film clip offered. In Lotte Reiniger's silhouette production of Cinderella i found it quite amazing how something had been so early on, with such quality. Even though the movement of the characters are very, you new exactly what was going on, and who was who. Silhouettes are a great way to start off your story, because it gives you just the basics with nothing else to focus on. This gives the audience the decision to use their imaginations to decide the finer details.

Norman Mclaren had some really powerful and calming work. The music that plays is magnificent and gives the animation that bit extra to make you nostalgic in a way. 'La Merle' was one of the videos that i really enjoyed, the french song with the dance that the bird does made me laugh, and from this video you can see where got their idea for the Lamp introductions

The video below reminded me so much of the scene in Dumbo when the mouse and Dumbo get drunk and they start to see all of the weird shapes of elephants in the bubbles.. The colours are truly amazing even though they are so simple.

What is there that you cant say about Walt Disney and his team. As time has gone on i have found that i love the great old animations, such as Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Aladdin and all of the others more than i do the new Disney animations such as Bolt or Cars. I think it is not only because of the amazing musical scores or the colourful characters, but its the stories that give you that feeling of freedom and imagination.

Anyway one of the Fantasia scenes are really helpful for me because a broom comes to life. Now i know the characteristics will be different, but to see how it moves is what i was interested in. From the the previous lecture, i picked up on one of the artists saying that to animate an inanimate object, you must first give them a face and head.

Now In fantasia the broom doesnt have a face, but the characters brush is used as its legs, so you get the idea that the handle end is the face. This at least gives me a starting point

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