Monday, 22 March 2010

Re-thinking my Animation Idea

So after getting feedback from Phil, i when back to the drawing board to think about where my story was going and how my character should act.. In my first idea, i had the father broom telling his son off and barking orders at him.. In this one, i want the father in it a lot less and just in little parts, maybe with his arms on his hips, or shaking the top of his broom...

Oafish has many different descriptions:

Now i think there is two ways i can go about this, either i can make him just a stupid, bumbling stupid, idiotic type of broom who even though he tries, he can never do anything right..

The second idea, is that he is a broom who perhaps thinks he is too good for just being a broom and doesn't care about his sweeping duties. But he is too stupid to realize that he makes more mess every time he works. He tries to get his job done as quickly as possible, which results in lots of damage to the house. Which angers his dad.

Or, the brooms are motionless when the owners of the house are in, but soon as the front door closes, they come to life.. The house is big, and there is a family of brooms. They always clean the house when the owners out, but the the eldest son is big, clumsy, idiotic and never does what he has been told to do. He accidently goes into the dinning room of the house where there is a cupboard with expensive cutlery. He starts to clean in his robust, ill- mannered way, sweeping vigorously he accidently clips the bottom of the cupboard which makes it wobble. He doesn't notice as he stomps out.. As the door opens the camera look in to see everything falling out of the cuboard and smashing.

I dont really like the final idea because it doesnt offer any real comic value until the end of the scene.

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