Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Breakfast Club (1985)

So after being briefed for the first project of our new year, we received 'GET NAME OF COMIC'!!!!!

It was a great surprise after being told that the main influence for the comic was 'The Breakfast Club' was on t.v that same night.

The story follows five students who have to spend their Saturday in detention at their school. During the film they each bare their secrets and feelings to each other, eventually becoming good friends. The outside world still seeing them as their social placings, but to each other they will always be part of the breakfast club.

From what i have read so far from the comic, it sounds similar. With the story being based within the library of a school. And their being a group of students who are naughty, whilst they are governed by a teacher. However the language is more adult sensitive and seems like it could be a lot darker than the film it is influenced by. I look forward to reading on...

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