Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Character Design: Lesson 2

So after finishing the Influence Map we had our second character design class. I enjoyed this class, especially learning about the shapes of characters and how they affect what sort of character they will be..


Circular: Soft, Babylike, Gentle, Friendly, Cuddly, More feminine, kind.

Square: Strong, Muscular, Solid, Good guys, Safe, Defensive

Triangles: We have a fear of sharpe objects, Scary, Dangerous, untrustworthy, villains,

We were then asked to draw a group of henchmen. At first my characters were similar and to normal looking, so i tried again, this time emphasizing their limbs and body shapes.


  1. Hey Mat. I really want to get started on the modelling of our astronaut characters as it's gonna be a long process. Do we have any idea of what they might look like yet?

    Should I start now and base them off of those suits you showed me on Google / NASA suits, and then we can tweak them if we decide on any changes?

  2. Mat,
    I havnt seen a lot of character design posts here for a while - are you posting elsewhere?