Tuesday, 28 September 2010

First Story Ideas For Monster Bikers

Story Idea 1:

On a far away cluster in the far reaches of space. A crowd cheers and screams as the racers prepare to start their engines. It is the start to the annual Monster Space Race 500. Where teams of monsters and alien racers compete against each other to win the ultimate prize of freedom.

Because this is no normal Monster Space Race 500. The racers are actually prisoners, and whoever finishes first in the overall competition gains freedom from the clutches of the dreaded giant octopus monster, who is the biggest power in the universe.

There are four teams who are formed in the floating prison, that floats from venue to venue. You have Venus's Angelos, The Unforgivables, Team Ten Leg and The Four From Flooxtune.

Every ten races the team at the top of the leader board are set free, whilst teams two and three are sent back to the floating prison, however the team that come last are shot into a black hole never to be seen again.

The two main teams are 'Venus's Rejects' and 'The Forgotten Four'.

Venus's Angelos are a rough, tough, dirty, slimy, humungous, bone chilling, horrifying team, who always win the competitions, however, as soon as they are released they end up doing something bad to end up straight back in the floating prison. Meaning they are entered straight back into the race.

The Four From Flooxtune are the complete opposite to Venus's Angelos, they were sent to the floating prison because they were found by the Space Police traveling from another solar system and deemed a threat to Evil Octopus's galaxy. They are never the worst racers, but are always bullied out of 1st place by the Angelos.

After almost a year of racing and never being allowed freedom. The four monsters come up with a plan to escape the Octopus's grasp and hide out in a nearby planet (earth).

Each race has 10 laps and the monsters realized that during around the 8th lap the race guards are too far apart to catch up with their vehicles as soon as they are off of the race course. However they have to go through two more races before they are close enough to earth.

The Four From Flooxtune names are. ALFRIT, ETTINEE, HARPIUS, POOZUZU


When The FFF escape the Octopus commands the Angelos to capture them and kill if necessary, giving them freedom forever if they do so. After landing on earth they hide out, but its not long before the Angelos have caught up. ALFRIT is the more stronger character of the group and wants them to fight back using their intelligence to overcome the monsters.

After a mass brawl in the middle of a city where a large amount of damage is caused, the fff escape, or so they think. The Octopus has had a spy watching at all times, and sends down another group of monsters to get the FFF. Each week they try to get back to Flooxtune but have to hide out in other planets and towns.

Story Idea 2:

Its the year 2020 and London is bustling with the early commuters going up into their massive tower blocks to start the days work. Unbeknown to them that high above the clouds comes a group of hellish monster bikers looking to seek havoc on anyone and anything they can find.

They travel from planet to planet destroying the weak and stealing valuables. They are 3 times the size of a human so it takes a lot for them to be stopped.

However the army have formed a secret plan for anything like this to arise. So after the brutes smash into London, the plan comes straight into action. They have made 3 huge superhuman's who are used only for emergencies such as these. There is a mass brawl in London, which devastates half of the city. When the monsters think they have won, they go to leave on the bikes, to attack another city. However the superhuman team dont give up easily and follow them.

The monsters are finally caught and locked up deep underground where they can be experimented on.

Story Idea 3:

Floating above earth flies the Headrasta 3000 space vessel which is commanded by the evil Bankzurgan, who captures and enslaves unsuspecting monsters throughout the galaxy. It is three of these prisoners that the story is going to follow. They are Perctar, Fortsivv and Kantangerline. They are from the planet L-Arzonine where their jobs were normal office types. Until they were beamed up onto Bankzurgan's slave ship.

The three monsters try to escape on numerous occasions until they come across space bikes in the holding dock of the ship. Without a second thought they escape and travel to the nearest planet which is Earth. On arrival they realize that they will have to change their appearance to fit in.

So they are now ordinary bikers. Until they are sent a surprise visit by Bankzurgan's hench monsters. Who battle with the three escapees until they are defeated. Perc, Fort and Kantang always get away from everyone villan that is sent. Traveling through the galaxy hoping to find somewhere that is safe.

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