Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Postmodernism Lecture 1: Kill Bill Vol. 1

After watching Kill Bill during the postmodernism class i ended up looking at it in a new light. Normally i watch it, and think yer good film, lots of blood and shock how Tarantino always does. But only after Phil's lecture did i really notice things. Nearly everything throughout the film is almost always taken from another film.

One of the main connections i made was the fight scenes and the amount of blood used, which is very similar to those Kung Fu and Samurai films from the 1970's. I have nearly really watched them with great care, but looking back there was always limbs being snapped of cut off with loads of bloodshed.

Tarantino is basically reliving his childhood where he grew up watching all of those Martial Arts films and Spaghetti westerns, but instead of just using all of the different genres and putting them altogether, he has actually fussed them and turned them into his own genres.

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