Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Research For Monster Bikers: Biker Films

I am going to look at monsters that are of both scary and funny nature. Also anything to do with bikers. Preferably mean, tough Harley Davidson riders. Along with the type of motorbike that they wil ride

Im going to look at films where motorbikes are prominent and then go from there. By starting with a wide search and eventually narrowing my results down until iv'e found exactly what im looking for.

Biker Mice (1993)

With Biker Mice From Mars it was more about non-humans riding motorbikes. Also as a child i can always remember the bikes being really powerful.

Mad Max (1979)

I like Mad Max because of the horrible Biker gangs that take over the outback.. The sound of the bikes can give you a chill down the spine.

Torque (2004)

Not that great of a film, but has a lot of action scenes with motor bikes.. So took a look

Ghost Rider (2007)

This film fits perfectly into what im doing, its a monster of sorts on a motorbike. Obviously mine will not be the bounty hunter for the devil, but just a monster. I also much prefer the Marvel Ghost Rider character compared to the Nicholas Cage character.

Biker Boyz (2003)

Once again this film is more related to the bikes themselves.. Im going to have to decide what sort of motorbikes the monsters ride..


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