Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bad Kids Go To Hell Review

I finished the comic last night and was a bit confused at the end of it all. Being made to believe you think that its Jacob Rainwater back from the dead, trying to kill or curse anyone connected with him losing his land and inevitably making him suicidal. However it all came together in the end with how everyone was connected.

The story has the background of The Breakfast Club (1985) down to a tee, but the twists of the night in the library and the gradual deaths of the students, is somewhat more interesting to me than five kids just sitting in detention and going through a rollacoaster of emotion.

Also in our first Character Design lesson we learnt that there are always different types of characters to give the reader the feeling that they may all not get along, with all of their personalities so different. This is a connection you see between The Breakfast Club (1985). For example, there is the Jock who is injured, the pretty, popular kid, then there's the rebel who is always in trouble, the outcast who everyone sees, but nobody knows and finally the geek who nobody really likes.

My overall conclusion of the comic, is that even though a lot is based around The Breakfast Club, i still believe that it holds its own as a mystery, horror story. One thing that really appealed to me was the background behind each one of the students and why they all thought Jacob Rainwater would want them dead.

And like Justin said during our class, the badies are usually dressed in dark colours... I would like to see this made into a film, seeing it on the screen would perhaps make it scarier.. But really enjoyed it nonetheless


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  2. Thanks for your review Matthew! Did you know it IS being turned into a major motion film?? Go to and vote for who you would like to see in the next summer blockbuster!
    Monica Rogue

  3. No i didn't, thats wiked. I will keep my eye out for that :)

  4. awesome! i love your review, its spot on!
    im excited for the feature film, and the girls who are cast for the movie are perfect to play the nasty bad girls in bad kids!
    again..nice review for some reason this book really got to me. lol
    check out my review for Bad Kids when you can :)